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Full Production


In this stage of production, we'll go over budgets and timelines. We'll also go over the recording process. Depending on your budget, we'll also go over song arrangement and production.


After the pre-production stage, we'll begin tracking. We'll track your music in whatever way we'll get the best tracks (live tracking, overdubbing, etc..).


After the project has been tracked, we'll begin the post-production phase. In this phase, we'll do the vocal tuning, drum alignment, drum replacement, mixing and mastering.

Online Production

Record Your Music

Record your tracks at your leisure, at a professional studio or a home studio. You can record in any DAW or space. I will be available to give you tips and pointers on how to achieve the greatest sound!

Send Me Your Tracks

With my instruction, send me your recorded tracks. This will also be your opportunity to convey what you hope your tracks to sound like. Feel free to send examples!

Contact for quotes on mixing and mastering services.

Critique & Revise

Depending on your budget, we'll agree on a set number of revisions. You'll be able to listen to the tracks and make notes. After you send your notes to me, I'll make the necesarry revisions!

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